Friday, September 16, 2011

Cut it up

Well friends, the wedding is NEXT WEEKEND, and I am a bundle of nervous, excited, anxious and about a million other emotions all mixed up. We've been putting the finishing touches on a lot of projects this week, as well as starting a few last minute ones - like the flowers for my shoes made out of my mom's veil!

I'm not feeling terribly up for writing a whole long post as my mind is going a mile a minute, but I figured I'd at least end the week with an action shot. So, here's Manda cutting circles out of my mom's veil to make the little flowers!

My awesome mom has kinda taken this project over for me (along with about 100 others - THANKS MOM!), and the little flowers are looking great. As soon as we figure out the best way to attach them to the shoes, I'll post a final picture.

A HUGE thanks to my mom and Manda, who have literally come over every night this week to work on projects with me, and to Bridget and Rachel who also come over every chance they get. Thanks to Bridget the tissue paper flowers are all bundled in the centerpiece vases and ready to go to the reception, and thanks to Rachel those very vases will be set up on the tables at the reception along with all of the other decor to bring my vision to life!

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